18 Gallon All In One Aquarium


Studio 18 Gallon All In One Aquarium

This AIO aquarium is one step from our most popular studio 12 aquarium. Pair this aquarium with a led light for additional savings. The included Ai prime mount is the 12” 90 degree mount.

Key Features Of This 18 Gallon Aquarium

  • Built in filtration
  • 36 Month warranty
  • Pump, plumbing and fittings included

Dimensions in Inches: Width  19” x Length 18” x Height 12”
Dimensions in mm : Width  480mm x Length 455mm  x Height 305mm

Volume: 18 Gallons / 68 Liters

Glass Thickness: 5mm (3/16”)

1 Month box of custom sized filter floss squares (76mmx76mm)

1 x 75g Bag of high purity carbon

1 x Self levelling matt

1 x Return pump (396 gallons/hour)

1 x Plumbing for Return Pump

1 x Directional nozzle

Chamber 1 Filtration size: 3” x 3″” (76mm x 76mm)

Chamber 2 Size 3” x 10.25” and water height of  9” (76mm x x 182mm)

Chamber 3 Return Pump Area: 3” x 5” ( 76mm x 127mm)

Click here for the manual for this all in one aquarium