Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue


Get the most natural look from your reef tank!

The Kessil A160WE LED Tuna Blue is perfect as a stand alone reef led for nano aquariums. No other light on the market compares to the natural shimmer produced by the diodes in the Kessil Tuna Blue Series LEDs. The A160WE can be connected to the Spectral Controller, Neptune Apex or a generic timer. Mimic the ocean over your all in one aquarium with this sleek, easy, LED light.

Kew Features
  • Colour Adjustable from Deep Ocean Blue to Sky Blue
  • Compatible with controllers like the Kessil Spectral Controller and Neptune Apex
  • Compact design
  • Exceptional shimmer effect
  • Spectrum blended to encourage coral coloration
  • Two Channels for fine tuning of brightness and color spectrum
  • Quiet operation
  • Advanced heat management system results in higher efficiency
  • Easily mounted using the Kessil Gooseneck System