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Best nano reef tanks

Reef Casa was designed by passionate hobbyists from the ground up. We imagined what our dream all in one nano saltwater tank would like, all the features it would have and then brought it to life.


Saltwater aquarium kits

Our company was founded to making reefing easy and enjoyable for hobbyists at any skill level. Starting a new salt water tank can be daunting but we have done the hard part for you ! Our saltwater aquarium starter kits are the easiest to set up all in one aquariums in the world with simple and easy to follow steps to start your very own nano reef.

From our home to yours

Casa means home and our aquariums are designed to be incorporated into yours. A salt water reef tank is different than any other hobby or animal keeping we understand that at Reef Casa. We build aquariums that we have in our homes and are proud to showcase.

Studio 12 nano reef tank

What makes 

Reef Casa different

We are the only aquarium company owned by actual hobbyists! We design, prototype, prototype and prototype some more until we have something we would be happy to not only sell but use on our aquariums. Dedicated and passionate reefing goes behind everything we make and sell. You won’t find that anywhere else.

We got you covered

We stand behind every product we make and our aquariums come back with an industry leading 36 month hassle free guarantee on silicone and workmanship.

Reef Casa Frag Tanks

We don’t only manufacture nano reef tanks but we make the world’s most popular glass frag tanks!  We also build custom frag racks and frag tools to bring your fragging game to the next level.

Passion behind the products

Reef Casa was founded by hobbyists who are obsessed with reek keeping. Every component of our all in one aquarium kit was thoughtfully designed with products we are proud to use ourselves.

We also offer a line of aquariums products to help you succeed in keeping a beautiful and thriving salt water aquarium.

Refractometer With Wooden Box