Reef Safe Fish

Here you will find a list of fish that are safe for you all in one reef casa aquarium

All of these fish are well suited for nano and pico reef aquariums

In each page you will a detailed care guide and tips for keeping this in your all in one aquarium.

orchid dottyback

Orchid Dottyback

One of the most striking and easiest to keep of all the reef safe aquarium fish.

Bangaii Cardinalfish

Bangaii Cardinalfish

A super popular and easy to keep fish.

Yellow Clown Goby

Yellow Clown Goby

An adorable tiny yellow goby that perches on corals.

sixline wrasse

Six Line Wrasse

The most popular of all the wrasses and great for pest control.

Pajama Cardinalfish

Pajama Cardinalfish

A super popular and easy to keep fish.

Neon blue goby pico fish

Neon Blue Goby

A super small and easy to keep blue goby species

Royal Gramma

Royal Gramma 

One of the easiest, most peaceful and popular reef fish of all time

Geometric Pygmy Hawkfish

Pygmy Hawkfish 

A well less known but striking small hawkfish

pink wrasse

Pink Streaked Wrasse 

An incredibly small and amazing wrasse species.

sharknose goby

Sharknose Goby 

This tiny goby makes an ideal candidate for small reef tanks.