Bangaii Cardinalfish

Size: 3”
Family: Apogonidae
Care Level: Easy
Lifespan: Maximum 5 years
Temperament: Peaceful
Range: Indonesia only
Minimum aquarium size: 25 gallons
Diet: Carnivore
Reef Compatible:  Yes
Color: Black, white
Water Conditions: Normal sea water
Special Requirements: None
Captive Bred Available: Yes
Where To Buy: Fragbox Corals


The Bangaii Cardinalfish is one of the most popular fish for nano reef aquariums.  Its striking black and white colouration, beautiful long fins and peaceful nature make it a great choice for smaller tanks.  It is also one of the few fish that can be kept in small groups in a nano aquarium.

Care level

The Bangaii Cardinalfish is easy to keep and does not require any special food or unique care.  It does appreciate ample rockwork with caves and ledges for hiding as well as  open areas for swimming.


Size & Sex

Both male and female Bangaii Cardinalfish are the same size and it can be very difficult to tell them apart visually.  Some hobbyists claim that males have 2 vents on their underside, whereas females have only one, but this can be very difficult to determine for the average hobbyist.


Bangaii Cardinalfish are from the Apogonidae family.  This includes all types of Cardinalfish, with their distinctive rayed fins.  This family ranges throughout the world’s oceans and also includes a number of freshwater species.


Bangaii Cardinalfish primarily eat copepods in the wild but they will also consume planktonic organisms if they are available. In a home aquarium, they will readily consume pellet or flake foods, although they will benefit from the occasional feeding of brine or mysis shrimp.  They are not considered to be difficult to feed.

Reef Compatible

Bangaii Cardinalfish are completely reef safe and will not bother any corals or invertebrates in the aquarium.


Bangaii Cardinalfish are generally considered to be a peaceful fish and make a well mannered addition to a home reef tank.  Provided they have enough space and are well fed they will not display any aggression towards tankmates.

Water conditions

The Bangaii Cardinalfish does not require special water conditions to survive and thrive. Normal salinity of 1.025 is ideal.


The Bangaii Cardinalfish has striking black and white/silver colouration and a unique tassled first dorsal fin.  It has brilliant black and silver striping with white spots.  While not a rainbow of dazzling colours, its black and silver colouring give it a regal and distinguished look.



Because they are a mouth brooding fish there is a much better chance of the fry surviving than with other types of fish.  However, a breeding box or nursery tank is necessary to prevent the fry from being consumed by other tank inhabitants or being sucked into the filtration chamber.