Frag Tanks

Hello Frag Master

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Easy to install
Built in filtration standard on all frag tanks
You won't scratch it
Superior glass construction & scratch resilient over acrylic frag tanks
Hobbyists like you
Frag tanks designed by hobbyists obsessed with reef keeping.

Frag Tanks

Reef Casa manufactures  easy to east to set up  all in one coral frag tanks.

Perfect for growing corals, housing recently fragged corals and taking coral frags to frag swaps!

More than just frag tanks

Upgrade your frag tank to the frag master kit to get specially designed frag tools, plugs and coral glue so you can hit the ground fragging.

Room to grow

Each rack can hold  your favorite frags, specially designed with to fit any standard plug. Prevent coral warfare by growing out frags in a controlled frag tank environment.

Frag tanks perfected 

Each Reef Casa frag tank comes with frag racks! Specially designed to maximize space, allow for magnet scrapers to be used and easy cleaning.


What's Included

Every reef casa all in one glass frag tank comes with the following

Frag Racks
Custom acrylic racks included with each frag tank
Filter Media
Built in filter & filtration media come standard
Quiet, reliable and easy to clean return pump included.
Laser Cut Floss Holder
Keeps your media in place