Filter media is key for a

happy, healthy aquarium



Ultra Clear Combo Pack ( 1 Month Supply )

Ultra Clear Pack: Specially design replacement filter media for reef casa aquariums Includes
  • Filter floss box ( 1 month supply / 12 pack )
  • High purity carbon ( 1 month supply / 4 pack)
  • Algae block ( 1 month supply / 2 pack)
  • Designed to work with all reef casa aquarium models
  • Proprietary carbon / gfo blends
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Aquarium Filter Floss

Mechanical Filtration Floss For All In One Aquariums
  • Specially design for the reef casa aquariums
  • 12 High performance floss pads
  • Pre cut to 76mm x 76mm
  • Reef Casa recommends to change out floss media 3x weekly to keep you are aquarium water clean and debris free.
  • 1 Month supply
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Aquarium Carbon (1 Month / 4 Pack)

Carbon helps to keep your all in one aquarium water sparkling clear. You won't believe your eyes after using Reef Casa carbon. Change every week for best results Key Features Of This Aquarium Carbon
  • Superior filtration
  • Reduces need for water changes
  • Excellent for saltwater or water fresh
  • Pre bagged for convenience
  • Special 0.8mm pelletized activated carbon
  • Proprietary blend of carbon and other filter media
  • 25% more surface area than other brands
What’s Included?
  • 4x Bags of high purity carbon
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Algae Block – Aquarium Phosphate Remover ( 1 Month / 2 Pack)

Algae Block Starve algae of its food source: phosphate ! Prevents and manages algae in aquariums. Control and lower phosphate in your reef tank. Good for 12 gallons of saltwater, change every 2 weeks for best results.
  • Conveniently pre measured
  • Sealed aquarium bag
  • Proprietary phosphate removing blend
  • Binds po4 and silicates
  • Virgin material
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