Bacteria Hotel Block


Supercharge Your Biofiltration 

Each block of Reef Casa Bacteria Hotel is the equivalent to 5lbs of surface area of live rock ! These make the perfect surface for growing beneficial denitrifying bacteria which helps reduce nutrients and maintenance. Use with any Reef Casa all in one aquarium or place them directly in your sump.

Key Features

  • For Tanks up to 25 Gallons
  • Super porous material
  • Inert and will not leach Po4
  • 2,000 in2 of surface area per box
  • Reduces nutrients

How to use:

Gently rinse the bacteria hotel under saltwater to remove loose pieces.  Place them in your all in one aquarium after carbon filtration. If using in a sump place in an area of high flow. Allow 2 weeks for bacteria to colonize and see results. Use in conjunction with Reef Casa Life Bacteria for best results

What’s Included?

4 Reef Casa Bacteria Hotel Blocks  ~70mmx70mm