Neon Blue Goby

Size: 2”

Family: Gobiidae

Care Level: Easy

Lifespan: 2 years

Temperament: Peaceful

Range: Caribbean

Minimum aquarium size:  10 gallons

Diet: Carnivore

Reef Compatible:  Yes

Color: Black, Blue

Water Conditions: Normal sea water

Special Requirements: None

Captive Bred Available: Yes

Where To Buy: Fragbox Corals


The Neon Blue Goby is one of the smallest types of goby and, as such, is suitable for even smaller nano tanks.  It is a peaceful, hardy fish with a long slender body and beautiful electric blue striping.  It is sometimes known as the Neon Cleaner Goby, due to its ability to clean parasites and dead skin off of larger fish.

Care level

Neon Blue Gobies are very easy to keep and will accept a wide variety of frozen and prepared foods.  Due to its varied natural diet, it is recommended that they be fed a variety of carnivore appropriate foods.

Size & Sex

The Neon Blue Goby has a slender body and grows to a maximum of 2 inches.  It can be somewhat difficult to determine the sex of Neon Blue Gobies, as both males and females have similar body shapes and coloration. Some hobbyists claim that males have a darker base color and brighter blue stripe, but this is hard to confirm.


The goby family consists of over 2000 species of fish.  The majority are found in marine environments but some are native to brackish or freshwater regions.


In the wild, most of their diet consists of parasites and dead skin plucked off of larger fish.  Since this diet is very difficult to replicate in a home aquarium they should be fed a variety of carnivore appropriate foods, such as high quality pellets and fresh or frozen mysis or brine shrimp.

Reef Compatible

The Neon Blue Goby is 100% reef safe and will not bother any corals or invertebrates.


The Neon Blue Goby makes a well mannered addition to any community reef tank.  They very rarely display any type of aggression towards other tank inhabitants, although they may display aggression towards members of their own species unless they are a mated pair.

Water conditions

The Blue Neon Goby does not require special water conditions to survive and thrive. Normal salinity of 1.025 is ideal.


With electric blue striping on its black body and a white underside, the Neon Blue Goby is a beautiful little fish.


The Blue Neon Goby will often lay eggs in captivity, generally in a crevice or empty shell.  However, it can be difficult to raise fry without a specialized set up.  Having said that, there are numerous suppliers that offer captive bred specimens and the vast majority of Blue Neon Gobies for sale in the hobby are captive bred.