Sixline Wrasse

Max Size: 3”
Family: Labridae
Care Level: Easy
Lifespan: Up to 10 years
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Range: Indo-Pacific
Minimum aquarium size: 30 gallons
Diet: Carnivore
Reef Compatible:  Yes
Color: Blue, Green, Orange
Water Conditions: Normal sea water
Special Requirements: None
Captive Bred Available: No
Where To Buy: Fragbox Corals


The Sixline Wrasse is a colourful, active fish that is completely reef safe.  The Six Line Wrasse is one of the smallest members of the wrasse family and is suited to life in smaller aquariums.  They will spend their day swimming in and out of rock outcroppings and among coral branches.

Care level

The Sixline Wrasse is very easy to care for.  It will readily accept most pellet foods and requires no special care considerations.


Size & Sex

The Sixline Wrasse grows to a maximum size of approximately 3 inches. There are no outwardly distinguishable differences between the sexes.  The male tends to be slightly larger but this size difference is so negligible as to be almost unnoticeable.


The Sixline Wrasse is from the family Labridae.  This family is made up of over 600 species of wrasses and contains some of the most popular and colouful fish in the reefing hobby.


In the wild, Sixline Wrasses are opportunistic feeders and will eat a wide variety of small marine organisms such as bristle worms, snails and various microorganisms.  In a home aquarium they will happily eat most pellet foods, as well as consuming pests such as bristle worms.  They appreciate the occasional feeding of mysis shrimp or brine shrimp as well.

Reef Compatible

Six Line Wrasses are completely reef safe and are not known to bother corals or other invertebrates.


Sixliine Wrasses are a semi-aggressive fish and may act aggressively towards more timid wrasses or fish with a similar body shape.  This aggressiveness can be mitigated by ensuring that they have ample hiding places and are well fed.

Water conditions

The Six Line Wrasse does not require special water conditions to survive and thrive. Normal salinity of 1.025 is ideal.


The Sixline Wrasse has six horizontal blue lines overlaid on an orange body.  It has a green tail with a false eye and a long orange dorsal fin along its entire back.  It has a distinctive red eye with white stripes.  All in all, this is a truly stunning fish.


Sixline Wrasses may form bonded pairs in a home aquarium but they have never been successfully bred in captivity.  The process of pair bonding may be quite violent and it is best to keep them singly.