Aquarium Heaters, Thermometers and Temperature Control

Here you’ll find our selection of highly recommended aquarium heaters, digital thermometers and temperature controllers.

most reliable aquarium heater

Glass Heaters

These heaters are extremely affordable, reliable and accurate. Simple to use with a one touch system, the LED indicators light up to show the current and set temperature.

Inkbird wifi temperature controller

Inkbird Temperature Controller

Experience temperature control like never before with easy connection, precision readings and alarms directly to your phone.

Neo-Therm 50 watt heater

Neo-Therm Heaters

Cobalt Neo-Therm submersible heaters are an innovative solution to more breakable glass heaters. They are completely self regulating, energy efficient and extremely safe.

Reef Casa Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer

Temperature stability is extremely important for maintaining your marine aquarium. With Reef Casa’s Digital Thermometer you can easily and accurately monitor your aquariums temperature.