Can I Keep An Anemone In A Nano Reef

Can I Keep An Anemone In A Nano Reef

You can keep an anemone in virtually any size aquarium including nano reef tanks but with caution. Anemones can thrive in smaller aquariums. There are certain things to keep in mind when attempting to keep one though in tanks under 30 gallons.


1. Anemones move around

Anemones don’t go where you tell them to go, they go wherever they please ! With their foot on the bottom they are able to walk around the aquariums rocks. And in small tanks they may be a problem as space is limited


2. Anemones have a powerful sting

Anemones will kill just about any other coral they touch, so in smaller tanks this can be troublesome if they walk or move towards in other corals


3. Anemones can grow fast

Anemones actually split, cloning them selves into smaller anemones. When they are happy in your aquarium this can happy quiet fast. In a nano reef this can be troublesome if you have a happy anemone splitting many times, it can quickly take over the tank


4. Species Selection

If you have decided that you do want to add one look for bubbleitp species as they don’t grow as larger, avoid long tentacle anemones and never place a hadoni or carpet nems in a nano reef. Carpet anemones are hard to care for even for the most advanced aquarists, they won’t do well in nano reef tanks.

Larger anemones may also be able to capture and eat small fish so keep this in mind when adding one.