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Can You Keep Clams In A Nano Reef

Can You Keep Clams In A Nano Reef

The answer is yes, but you will want to choose the correct size and species. Croceas and derasa clams would be best suited because they don’t grow as fast or get as large as maximas clams.

Derasa clams are fine in the sand bed and crocea clams are rock boring so you will want to find a v shaped creves in your rock.

With stable water parameters they are not hard at all, the key to success is not to the move them once established. One day they will inevitably become to large and you may need to consider rehoming in a larger aquarium, but in the meantime you can enjoy the clam in tanks ranging from 10-30gallons.

Clams smaller than 1.5-2” are not yet photosynethic and will need to be fed live phytoplankton in order to survive. Once they pass this size though they can photosynthesize like a coral to receive nutrients and energy from light.

An example of a beautiful rare green crocea clam. This would make an ideal candidate for a nano reef aquarium.