Blue Agave Zoa

Common Name: Red People Eater Zoa
Order: Zoantharia
Latin Name: Zoanthid 
Class: Anthozoa
Origin: Indo Pacific
Category: Soft
Care Level: Beginner
Temperament: Peaceful
Lighting: Low-Medium
Waterflow: Medium-High
Placement: Low – High
Colors: Red with blue center and green mouth
Growth Speed: Medium – Fast

What Are Blue Agave Zoas?

The one and only blue agave zoanthids. The blue agave zoanthid is a unique morph of the highly popular zoanthid coral. It’s characterized by its green mouth and intense speckled blue pattern
It’s often misidentified with similar looking zoanthids like the salted agave zoanthids.
The blue agave zoanthid is like the salted agave in almost everyway except it gets a distinct blue color through its body pattern. It’s part of the people eater family of zoathids which are immediately recognizable from their distinct green slit like mouth opening. Othes popular people eater zoanthids include the classics like the red people eater and and green people eater.
Like all zoanthis the blue agave due well in nano reefs and all  in one aquariums.
They are hard to find and highly sought after. They don’t grow as fast as most zoanthids are actually quiet finicky compared to some other species. They are called zoanthids but based on their size they are actually closer to a palythoa.