Green People Eater Zoas

Common Name: Red People Eater Zoa
Order: Zoantharia
Latin Name: Zoanthid 
Class: Anthozoa
Origin: Indo Pacific
Category: Soft
Care Level: Beginner
Temperament: Peaceful
Lighting: Low-Medium
Waterflow: Medium-High
Placement: Low – High
Colors: Red with blue center and green mouth
Growth Speed: Medium – Fast

What Are Green  People Eater Zoas ?

The green people eater is a distinct morph of zoanthid that is easily recognizable in the aquarium coral trade. It is has the characteristic people eater green slit mouth we find in all people eater varieties. Because of its size it is often considered a palythoa and not a zoanthid but the names get used interchangeably.
The green people eater zoanthid is quite rare which is strange given it is just green. Green corals and Green zoanthid in general are not usually rare. It displays similar characteristics to the red people eater zoanthid except  its all Green. It is never found with any pattern or distinct markings, the Green people eater zoanthid has a beautiful flat pastel consistent Green color throughout its body. There are certain ones with alternating skirt coloration though.
They are found throughout the indo pacific and Australia and Vietnam. It is very rare to find an entire colony of them, usually just small rocks with about two dozen heads
The green people eater zoanthid is one of the easiest zoanthid varieties to care for. It does well in most aquarium settings and once established but they do not grow fast! Its a shame because they are so beautiful. Like many rare zoa varieties their growth can be painfully slow.
This classic zoanthid has been going by this name in the aquarium trade since the about 2010. It is a must have zoanthid for any zoa collector or garden .