Magician Zoa

Common Name: Magicians
Order: Zoantharia
Latin Name: Zoanthid 
Class: Anthozoa
Origin: Indo Pacific
Category: Soft
Care Level: Beginner
Temperament: Peaceful
Lighting: Low-Medium
Waterflow: Medium-High
Placement: Low – High
Colors: Red with blue center and green mouth
Growth Speed: Medium – Fast

What Magician Zoa ?

The Magician Zoa is an uncommon but not rare zoanthid variety. The salted agave zoanthid, blue agave zoanthid and magician zoanthids which all closely resemble this people eater are quite rare. They have a distinct white speckled pattern, and their body is usually a deep red color but can appear brownish under certain lights. The speckles extend from the mouth outwards and glow intensely under blue led lighting.
They are found throughout the indo pacific and if your lucky you may even find whole colonies at local coral retailers
The Magician Zoa is one of the easiest zoanthid varieties to care for, it does well in most aquarium settings and once established can grow with rapid speed.