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Hammer Coral Garden

Hammer Coral Gardens

One of the most popular types of corals to create gardens out of are hammer corals. They are easy to keep and look beautiful bunched together. The key to keep them happy in a garden is not to let the physical skeleton of the hammers touch, they will kill each other. You can allow the tentacles to touch without any harm though.

You should leave the hammer corals about 1 to 2” apart to get the hammer coral garden effect. Its also easier to create gardens of hammers corals of the same variety, for example branching hammer coral with branching hammer coral. The Latin name of this coral is Euphyllia parancora. Wall varieties of hammer like Euphyllia ancora should be grouped with the same species in gardens to avoid warfare.

To keep hammers puffy and healthy we recommend keeping your magnesium elevated around 1500ppm. We accomplish this with reef casa salt which mixes at 1500 already and you can add additional magnesium to your water to maintain it.