Nova Refugium Light Setup Manual

This guide will help you easily set up the nova refugium light on your all in one aquarium.

This guide is for the back mounted option

Your refugium light will come with 2 Velcro strips that we will use to attach to your aquarium. You will also need a razor blade or knife (not provided)

Centre the light where you want to install it, we recommend centered in the middle chamber of your tank

Use a razor blade or sharp knife to carefully score around the light fixture. Carefully peel back the vinyl backing to expose the glass behind it

Adhere the velcro with double sided tape to the outside edges of your light

And then firmly attach the light using the Velcro to the back of the aquarium

Attach the light to a timer and use for up to 12 hours / day for maximum macro algae growth

We recommend using this light with the Reef Casa filtration cover to prevent light spillage into the main display