Aquarium: Reef Casa Studio 12 All In One Aquarium

Lighting: Reef Casa Halo LED Light

Age: 6 Months


Fish: 1 hectors goby, 1 captive bred mandarin

Clean up crew: 1 cleaner shrimp, 10 astrea snails, 2 sand siftings conch, 1 trochus snail 1, bumblbee snail, 1 turn snail and 2 sexy shrimp, 6 nassarius snails


Our studio 12 gallon is now coming up on 6 months old ! We cut down on some of the species of coral as they were growing too fast and built out more gardens of the same coral types.

Your eye are immediately drawn to the gonopore and alveopora coral gardens dead center. The bottom of the tank has a flourishing mushrooms garden on one side and acan garden on the other. We decide to decorate the top with zoanthids and can’t wait to see them grow out.