Reefer’s Guide

Hand Held Salinity Refractometer

Before first use, please preform a calibration on your refractometer to ensure accurate results.


How to use your salinity refractometer

  1. Flip open the prism cover. Make sure there is no debris.
  2. Using the included pipette, place 2-3 drops of saltwater on the prism and slowly flip back the prism cover. Make sure that there are no air pockets between the prism and prism cover. If there is an air pockets, you’ll need to start over. Try using another drop or two of saltwater.
  3. Point the refractometer towards a light source and look into the eye piece
  4. If the print on the inside of your refractometer is blurry, rotate the eyepiece until it has focused.


Your refractometer requires occasional recalibration to ensure accuracy. To calibrate follow the steps for normal refractometer use, but instead of saltwater, use fresh RODI water on your Prism. When looking through your refractometer for calibration, make sure the blue/white division is at 1.000 sg or 0 ppt.

We recommend checking at least once per month as a precautionary measure.