The Best All In One Aquariums


Reefcasa offers the easiest turn key all in one salt water aquariums on the market today. Some aquariums offer hang on the back filtration and skimming while others offer a fully featured sump.  Sitting in the middle of these two types is the All In One tank, commonly referred to as an AIO setup.

All of our aquariums offer this form of built in filtration making for easy and super fast installation. This setup allows for equipment and filter media to be hidden from view, in either rear or side chambers, while avoiding the need to plumb and balance water levels in a sump.  Another benefit is that All in One tanks tend to be significantly less expensive than models with a full sump. They are virtually leak free as well as no water is leaving the aquarium as it would in a traditional sump setup. These aquariums truly are the best of both worlds.

Reef Casa all in one aquariums are a great choice for reefers of all levels because they offer ease of setup initially but also the ability to customize and add equipment down the road.  Setting up a Reef Casa All in One is as simple as adding rockwork, sand (if desired) and salt water and then turning on the return pump.  When compared to the time required to choose equipment, plumb and balance water levels for a tank equipped with a sump, it is clear that for those looking to get up and running as smoothly and quickly as possible nothing beats a Reef Casa All in One tank.  Of course, like all tanks, they need to be properly cycled before adding livestock.  Because all the water is contained in the tank they tend to be silent, or near silent, making them a great choice for any room in the house.  An added bonus is that because they do not require a stand that can accommodate a sump, smaller tanks can be placed on a desk or a dresser.

The studio 12 is the perfect all in one salt water aquarium 


Reef Casa all in One tanks are not just for beginners however.  A typical All in One tank will have a chamber for the return pump and one to three chambers that can accommodate a protein skimmer, heater, media baskets or even a small refugium.  The possibilities for customization have become endless and all of our aquariums are very modular. And best of all, all of this equipment is hidden out of view in the side or rear chambers.

Compared to other types of setups, Reef Casa All in One tanks make maintenance tasks relatively simple.  Water changes can easily be accomplished with a siphon and bucket without the need for complicated or costly equipment.  Our media basket paired with square filter floss changed weekly will provide effective mechanical filtration.  The edges of the tank and filtration compartments can be wiped to prevent salt buildup and then all a hobbyist needs to do is sit back and enjoy their tank!

There are some crucial pieces of equipment in order to sustain a reef tank. These include a heater, return pump and light.  With these three items a tank can be up and running quickly and  successfully.  A protein skimmer is also a good idea for tank.  In larger

All In One tanks have exploded in popularity in recent years and their ease of setup, lower upfront costs and ability to customize make it easy to see why.

We designed our dream all in one nano reef tank. Say hello to the Studio 12 by Reef Casa