The Best Zoanthid Food

The Best Zoanthid Food

Here at Fragbox, zoas are some of our favorite corals.  They are hardy, generally fast growing and come in a dizzying array of colors.  Over the years, we have found that zoas grow much faster and tend to have more vibrant coloration when they are regularly fed.  While it is true that they are photosynthetic, supplemental feedings are a great way to ensure that your zoas are at their healthiest and most beautiful.  There are countless coral food options available in the hobby but our favorite is Fauna Marin’s Coral Dust.  This product contains 85% protein and is a simple and effective way to feed zoas, as well as various types of mushrooms, goniopora and other corals with small polyps.  It also works great for clams, sponges and other filter feeding organisms.


One of things that we like so much about this food is its ease of use. For every 50 gallons of aquarium volume simply mix ¼ teaspoon of Coral Dust with aquarium water and add it directly to the water column.  There is no need to target feed each individual coral.  In fact, Fauna Marin’s Coral Dust is specifically designed to be broadcast fed, which will dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to feed your corals.  We do, however, recommend starting with 25% of the recommended dosage at first and slowly working up to the recommended dosage to allow the system time to adjust.


So what are the benefits to feeding corals?  Even though the vast majority of corals available in the reefing hobby are photosynthetic they have also evolved to consume many of the ocean’s naturally occurring microorganisms. Since a reef tank is a closed system, the food that occurs naturally in the ocean needs to be added by the hobbyist.  Regular feeding of a high quality coral food, such as Coral Dust, will go a long way in ensuring the long term health of corals in a home aquarium, as well as noticeably improving growth and color.