Tia’s Studio 12 All In One Nano Reef Tank


Aquarium: Reef Casa Studio 12 All In One Aquarium

Lighting: Reef Casa Halo LED Light

Age: 4 Months


Fish: 2 Orange Storm Clownfish

Clean up crew: 1 cleaner shrimp, 10 astrea snails, 2 sand siftings conch, 1 trochus snail 1, bumblbee snail, 1 turn snail and 2 sexy shrimp


It doesn’t get much better than this ! Tia’s nano reef tank is jam packed with corals. With over 30 different species and even a small maxima clam ( see it right in the middle). The tank is light by the reef casa halo LED light set to 9 hours a day. Flow is created simply with the Reef Casa return pump and she doesn’t use any additional wave makers. The tank is made up a large mix of soft corals,lps corals, mushrooms and a few zoanthids. Heavy emphasis on the mushroom corals

This rock work is super unique and was created by using a mix or reef casa foundation and stax rocks along with super glue and epoxy adhesives. The end result is a very beautiful arch shape with lots of caves. To keep the goniopora and flowerpot corals happy they are fed reef roids once a week.


For maintenance the tank received a 20% weekly water change to keep nitrates and phosphates in check while replacing key mineral and nutrients for the corals over healthy and well being. Evaporation is controlled with the Duetto ATO our favorite brand of ato. Salinity is maintained with reef casa salt and measured using the Reef Casa Refractometer.

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