What is the best magnesiumtest kit for aquariums ?

What is the best magnesium test kit for aquariums ?

Every reefer knows how important it is to maintain consistent alkalinity and calcium levels in a home reef tank, but what about the third member of the reefing trinity, magnesium.  Often overlooked by hobbyists, magnesium plays a number of roles in a reef tank, including aiding corals in the uptake of calcium and alkalinity.  Hobbyists who are having difficulty maintaining consistent levels of those elements find that insufficient levels of magnesium are a common culprit.  While there are many magnesium test kits available on the market, at Reef Casa we recommend the Aquaforest Magnesium Test Kit.

We have found that the Aquaforest test kit offers the most consistently accurate results and is very easy to use for hobbyists of all experience levels.  While all magnesium test kits use the same procedure, in our experience this kit offers the easiest to read results.  Unlike some other kits it provides an obvious color change, no more guesswork.   Not only that, but Aquaforest ICP tests each batch in order to ensure accuracy and even includes the testing solution to allow hobbyists to refine their testing procedure and dramatically reduce user error.  The kit also includes an easy to read instruction card that is laminated so if it gets wet it won’t be destroyed.  In addition to being the easiest to use, most accurate test kit available, the Aquaforest Magnesium Test Kit is also very competitively priced.  It contains enough testing supplies to perform between 50 and 60 tests, so each test kit should last a couple of months at minimum.


Reefers have many options when it comes to the test kits they choose to use but we recommend the Aquaforest line of testing kits due to their ease of use, ICP testing to ensure accuracy and competitive pricing.