Best Algae Scraper

There are some things that are unavoidable, and algae on the glass on a nano reef tank is one of those things.  No matter how carefully you feed, how meticulous you are with water changes and how great your cleanup crew is, you are going to get algae on your aquarium glass.  Not only is this algae unsightly, if left unchecked it will only get worse over time and can even reduce the levels of oxygen in your tank water.  While there are many options for algae removal, we recommended the Flipper Nano Magnetic Algae cleaner for keeping your Reef Casa reef tank looking its best.


So what makes the Flipper Nano our recommended algae scraper over all the other options available?  Other than the fact that its two part design (magnet on the outside of the tank and scraper on the inside) keeps your hands dry while cleaning, it has a number of unique features that set it apart from competitors.  First, it has two cleaning surfaces, a metal blade on one end for the removal of stubborn algae and a soft cleaning pad on the other for daily maintenance tasks.  This makes it a true “two in one” tool.  Its low profile design also allows you to “flip” the scraper in your tank without detaching it from the magnet, thus speeding up cleaning.  A unique gap allows the Flipper Nano to safely scrape near the bottom of the tank without trapping sand and scratching the glass.  Finally, the scraper floats, so if it ever becomes detached from the magnet during cleaning it will simply float to the surface, again, keeping your hands nice and dry.


The Flipper Nano will work on glass up to ¼” thick, which makes it a great choice for all Reef Casa aquariums.  Let’s face it, no one likes scraping algae but the Flipper Nano makes this routine task as quick and simple as possible and helps keep your Reef Casa All in One aquarium looking its best.