Reef Tank Hardware

The Best Reef Aquarium Lighting

Lighting your new nano reef tank can be a bit overwhelming.  There are so many things to consider, such as PAR, spectrum and spread, not to mention cost.  Here at Reef Casa, we aim to make reefing simple and enjoyable, so we have the perfect LED light to pair with our line of Reef Casa all in one aquariums.  The Reef Casa Halo light offers the perfect spread with just the right amount of customizability at a very competitive price.  It installs in seconds with the included mounting arm, can be programmed in minutes, and allows you to spend more time enjoying your new reef tank and less time worrying about lighting.

The Reef Casa Halo light offers the perfect spread for Reef Casa aquariums and can provide enough spread (coverage) and PAR (intensity) to grow an almost endless variety of corals.  The light has three colour channels; Royal Blue, Purple/Blue and White.  The majority of the coral’s energy needs are provided by the Royal Blue channel, while the other two are used largely for aesthetic appeal.  Each channel can be individually adjusted on a scale of 1-100, allowing reefers to customize the intensity to suit their coral’s needs and their personal tastes without it being overwhelming.  In addition, 3 different time points can be set, allowing for a sunrise/ramp up, midday maximum output and a ramp down/sunset.  The included manual makes programming a breeze and you will be up and running in under 10 minutes.

One of our goals at Reef Casa is to provide well designed, high quality products at a competitive reasonable price.  The Reef Casa Halo light is, in our opinion, the best LED light value on the market today.  Balancing customizability with simplicity while providing ample spread and intensity, this light truly checks all of the boxes for new and experienced reefers alike.  If you have any questions about lighting for your Reef Casa aquarium please reach out to us.  We are here to help.