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Can You Keep SPS Corals In A Nano Reef

Can You Keep SPS Corals In A Nano Reef

Yes you absolutely can, but its not the easiest endeavor. SPS corals are more sensitive and demand more attention to stay alive and grow in an aquarium. This is even more true in a nano reef tank

In a nano reef tank important water chemistry value can fluctuate very fast given there is such a small volume of water. In a larger reef tank these values move much slower. SPS corals don’t like sudden or drastic changes in alkalinity, salinity , nitrate and phosphate

Your best bet would be the pick less sensitive and forgiving sps coral species to try and keep

This is the bali green slimer acropora, a classic acro that is super easy to keep compared to other sps species. This would make a great candidate for trying to grow in a nano reef tank




Montipora Digtata also makes our list for easy to keep sps corals in a nano reef tank. Its from the montipora family which in general is easier and more forigiving than many acropora and hard corals. This one in particular is the beautiful forest fire digtata variety.


Green goblin anacropora makes our easy sps list and can be kept in a nano reef fairly easily.


We would strongly recomend avoiding species like this one above. The ice fire enchinata is so beautiful but ultra sensitive, expsensive, slow growing and not a well suited hard coral to keep in pico reef tank