Frag Tanks

Frag Tank Lighting

Whether they are housed in a traditional display tank or a frag tank, the overwhelming majority of corals need light in order to survive.  Because of this inescapable fact, lighting a frag tank is pretty much the same as lighting a similarly sized display tank.  While there are countless lighting options available, we have designed our Reef Casa frag tanks to pair perfectly with the Reef Casa Halo Light.  This light offers the perfect balance of programmability and ease of use, all at a very competitive price point.

Since one of the keys to a successful frag tank is to keep things as simple as possible, a programmable light, such as the Halo, makes a great choice.  It offers a full color spectrum and has 3 fully adjustable channels, blue, violet and white.  Each of these channels can be independently tuned for optimal coral health and visual appeal.  Since frag tanks are shallower than traditional tanks, it is important that the light is not turned up too high.  Using a PAR meter is the most precise way to ensure that lighting levels are correct, or you can also ask us about our recommended settings for various tanks.  In addition to being fully adjustable, the light is also programmable and includes a sunrise and sunset function.  This feature eliminates the need for an external timer and further simplifies your frag tank.  Unlike many other lights available on the market, the Halo light also comes with an included mounting arm with integrated cord management.

Regardless of what type of light you choose for lighting your frag tank, it is important to run it for long enough each day to meet the energy needs of the corals while not providing too much light, which can lead to nuisance algae.  We recommend running the lights for approximately 8 hours per day with a ramp up and ramp down period.  This should provide your corals with the energy they need, while reducing the growth of algae.


If you have any questions about how to set up or program the lighting for your Reef Casa frag tank please send us a message.  We are here to help!