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The best frag tank

The best frag tank This frag tank is going to be absolute perfection. Its is nestled right next to this larger reef tank. The reef casa  frag tank makes the perfect addition to your larger reef tank. It gives you a place to nearly collect and cultivate  corals outside of your main display tank   […]

Frag Tank Lighting

Whether they are housed in a traditional display tank or a frag tank, the overwhelming majority of corals need light in order to survive.  Because of this inescapable fact, lighting a frag tank is pretty much the same as lighting a similarly sized display tank.  While there are countless lighting options available, we have designed […]

Frag Tank Flow

Frag tanks present some unique challenges when determining the right amount of flow and choosing the right return pump.  All corals require flow, no matter what type of tank they are housed in.  Waterflow helps to deliver food to the corals, removes waste products and aids in gas exchange.  While mixed reef and SPS dominated […]