Frag Tanks

Frag Tank Flow

Frag tanks present some unique challenges when determining the right amount of flow and choosing the right return pump.  All corals require flow, no matter what type of tank they are housed in.  Waterflow helps to deliver food to the corals, removes waste products and aids in gas exchange.  While mixed reef and SPS dominated tanks generally do best with higher levels of waterflow, frag tanks have to balance the need to keep water moving through the tank with the fact that coral frags are sometimes somewhat delicate while they heal.  In tanks that have excessive levels of flow, coral frags can even be blown off frag racks or can detach from their plugs if they have not yet fully healed and encrusted.

Because frag tanks require hobbyists to find the ideal levels of flow that balance waste removal with frag healing, controllable DC pumps generally make an ideal choice.  While some AC pumps, such as the Sicce line of pumps, offer a manual choke that can be used to regulate water flow, these are somewhat imprecise and are also energy inefficient.  A DC return pump offers more precise control as well as being more energy efficient.  Our Reef Casa frag tanks pair perfectly with the Jebao Coral Box family of return pumps.  These pumps offer full DC controllability, as well as a feed mode that will slow the pump to allow for feeding of corals and fish.  Coral Box pumps come in two different sizes and work great with any of our frag tanks.

Another way to help find the ideal flow pattern in a frag tank is to consider using a random flow generator.  These nozzles will distribute flow in a randomized pattern rather than as a direct stream and are designed to replace the stock return nozzles without the need for any additional adaptors.  Combining a DC pump with a random flow generator is the best way to achieve the ideal flow in your Reef Casa frag tank.