Frag Tanks

Frag Tanks And Biological Filtration

One of the main differences between a Reef Casa frag tank and a traditional display tank is the in tank setup.  Display tanks, such as the Vila line of tanks are generally designed to mimic a small slice of the ocean in your living room.  This means that they will generally contain rock work and, most often, a sandbed.  These elements provide both a foundation for mounting corals as well as a home for beneficial bacteria.  Since frag tanks are designed more with function in mind (although they are still quite beautiful in their own way when stocked with coral frags) they are set up somewhat differently.

In place of rockwork frag racks are used to organize the corals and prevent them from being knocked over.  While not universally true, most frag tanks are also bare bottom, meaning they do not have a sandbed.  This means that much of the habitat for beneficial bacteria found in a traditional tank is absent from frag tanks.  Since fish and corals in frag tanks produce waste just as they do in display tanks, it is important to provide a place for beneficial bacteria to grow.  This is where Bacteria Hotel Blocks can be useful.  These biomedia blocks can be placed in the rear filtration chamber of any Reef Casa frag tank and will provide the equivalent surface area of 5 pounds of traditional rockwork.  This means that two or three blocks will provide more than ample filtration for a moderately stocked frag tank.  Combined with regular water changes these media blocks will help to keep corals and fish healthy.  Depending on the types of corals frags that are kept in the tank it may also be a good idea to use activated carbon to remove pollutants and toxins from the water.  For hobbyists who want a simple way to keep all of their filter media organized, the Reef Casa House Keeper media organizer makes a great upgrade.  If you have any questions about the filtration needs in your Reef Casa frag tank please feel free to reach out to us. We are always happy to help!