Frag Tanks

How To Keep A Frag Tank Clean

Now that your new frag tank is set up, cycled and stocked with a few coral frags it is time to think about how to keep the tank clean.  A frag tank generally is considered to be more of a functional tank rather than a display tank.  Having said that, having a clean frag tank does make it more visually appealing and keeping the tank free of algae and other problematic organisms will positively impact coral health.  Put simply, a clean frag tank will look nicer and have healthier corals.


So what are the best ways to keep a frag tank looking its best?  Just like a traditional display tank, keeping a frag tank clean involves having an appropriately sized and varied clean up crew, utilitarian fish and basic maintenance equipment.

Like all aquariums the key to a clean frag tank is a well sized and balanced clean up crew.  Since a frag tank does not generally have a sandbed or rockwork that needs to be kept clean, the clean up crew for this type of tank will generally consist largely of various types of snails and a few hermit crabs of different sizes.  These hard working tank janitors will help to keep the glass and frag racks free of algae and other detritus.  Generally speaking, larger clean up crew members such as conchs and starfish are not necessary and may actually cause problems by knocking over coral frags.  Larger frag tanks may benefit from the addition of an emerald crab, but this would likely be done on a case by case basis.  When choosing fish to add to a frag tank it is a good idea to choose ones that perform a specific function.  For example, many damsels are both hardy and also omnivorous, as are some species of gobies.  Tangs are voracious consumers of algae, but are likely too big for most frag tanks.  Smaller species of wrasse are also useful for their ability to control pests.  Regardless of what fish are chosen it is important not to overstock the tank and to match the fish to the size of the aquarium.


In addition to water change equipment, a frag tank will also require an algae scraper of some sort to keep the glass clean.  We recommend the Flipper Nano Float for its ability to remove even tough algae build up while also protecting the aquarium glass from scratches.  A frag tank will likely be easier to maintain than a traditional display take and with a varied clean up crew and a few appropriately chosen fish, along with some basic maintenance equipment, your Reef Casa Frag Tank will stay clean and algae free.