Frag Tanks

Who Makes The Best Frag Tanks ?

As frag tanks have become more popular in recent years reefers have a wide variety of choices of manufacturers.  Reef Casa is proud to offer the best frag tanks on the market today.  Some of the things that set our tanks apart from others is the high quality construction, built in filtration and the fact that Reef Casa frag tanks are available as highly customizable Complete Kits.  Unique in the industry we also offer our tanks in both 6 and 9 gallon models.


It is widely accepted in the reefing hobby that in the overwhelming majority of cases glass tanks are superior to those constructed of acrylic.  Some of the reasons for this include the fact that glass is far less prone to scratches than acrylic and will not yellow over time.  Glass tanks are also far less likely to be damaged when being moved, a key consideration when moving a frag tank back and forth to coral shows.  With all of this in mind, all of Reef Casa’s tanks, including our frag tanks, are made of high quality glass rather than acrylic.  This means that your Reef Casa frag tank will offer years of utility and enjoyment.

All Reef Casa tanks are designed as All in One (AIO) tanks with all the filtration and equipment discreetly hidden in the rear chamber.  This means that our tanks are especially easy to set up, take down and move.  While ease of setup and simplicity are advantages for all tanks, it is especially helpful to have a frag tank that can be easily moved.  Since many reefers who set up a frag tank also have a main display tank, the ease of maintenance of an AIO tank is also a key advantage.


Finally, Reef Casa frag tanks are available as a complete kit which includes a properly sized return pump and frag racks that are customized to fit the tank.  Available upgrades include bacteria hotel blocks, Reef Casa lighting, filtration covers and much more.  Customizing the perfect frag tank for your needs is as simple as visiting the Reef Casa website and choosing the best options for your reefing needs.