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How Much Work Is A Nano Reef Tank ?

One of the most common questions new hobbyists ask is “how much work is a nano tank?”  While the answer to this question will vary a little bit depending on the types of corals kept and the amount of equipment being used, there are a number of daily, weekly and monthly tasks that all reefers should attend to.  Most of the tasks take very little time at all and one the joys of a Reef Casa all in one tank is that they are designed for simple maintenance, allowing you more time to enjoy your beautiful aquarium.

Daily Tasks

 Feed the Fish:

  • While some larger fish species require feeding a couple of times a day, the vast majority of nano reef fish only need to be fed once per day.  It is a good idea to turn off the return pump when feeding and only feed what the fish can eat in a few minutes.  Resist the urge to overfeed at all costs, as this is the most common cause of tank issues.

Clean the Glass

  • Using your algae cleaner of choice give the glass a quick clean.  This may only need to be done every few days.

Do a Visual Inspection of the Livestock

  • Make sure that all your fish and inverts are accounted for.  Don’t panic if you can’t find every single snail, or if your dartfish is hiding, but make a note to keep an eye out and make sure they are healthy.  This is also a good time to make note of the physical condition of the tank inhabitants.

Weekly Tasks

 Perform a Water Change

  • One of the keys to reefing success is sticking to a consistent water change schedule.  Each week, remove between 10 and 20% of the water using a siphon.  This is also a good opportunity to vaccum the substrate to remove built up detritus.  Make sure to double check your salinity after a water change.

Wipe Salt Creep

  • Carefully wipe any salt that is visible on the rim of the tank or on the sides.  Not only will this make your tank look better it will help to prevent staining.

Test Parameters

  • Before changing the water each week it is a good idea to test alkalinity, calcium and magnesium.  This will help to ensure that the levels stay constant in your tank, a key to coral health.

Less Frequent Tasks

In addition to weekly and daily tasks, every few months equipment such as the protein skimmer, wavemakers and return pump should be inspected and cleaned if necessary.

While it might seem like there are a lot of maintenance tasks associated with a nano reef tank, the daily tasks can be completed in a matter of minutes and the weekly tasks will likely take no longer than half an hour.  Reef Casa aquariums are designed for quick and easy maintenance to allow for more time enjoying and less time working!