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Magnetic Coral Frag Racks

Magnetic coral frag racks

Magnetic coral frag racks can serve many purposes for salt water hobbyists.  They can be used to temporarily store newly purchased coral frags or as a spot to place freshly cut frags while they heal.  A frag rack placed in a low light and low flow area of the tank can also sometimes be used as a spot to place damaged corals while they heal.  While there are countless options available, here at Reef Casa we recommend the Karbon Frag Rack line for simple, budget friendly, coral frag storage.  As an added bonus, all products are designed and manufactured in Canada.

Karbon Frag Racks are available in 7 and 11 hold models, offering ample space for storing coral frags, while maintaining a low profile.  Both sizes are held in place using magnets and will work on glass up to 0.25” thick, making them a great choice for any of the Reef Casa line of all in one aquariums.  The magnets are fully sealed, so they will not leach any undesirable elements in the tank and use soft touch materials so they will not scratch the aquarium glass.  They have a unique, hexagonal anchoring system that prevents the coral frags from being knocked over by tank residents or blown over by high water flow levels.  The fact that the coral frags are held firmly in place also reduces stress on them and aids in healing and growth.


Since the racks are plastic there is no risk of phosphate or other elements leaching into the aquarium so they can be left in the tank indefinitely.  Some reefers will choose to leave their coral rack in the tank permanently in an inconspicuous location, while others take them in and out of the tank on a “as needed” basis.  Either method works fine, it just comes down to personal choice and convenience.


At some point all reefers will need a temporary place to store coral frags and the Karbon Frag Racks are a simple, effective and inexpensive solution.