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Magnetic Frag Rock

Magnetic Frag Rock


Just bought a great new coral frag for your Reef Casa aquarium and haven’t decided where to put it?  Maybe your corals are growing so fast that you are cutting them back yourself to sell or trade?  Or maybe you want that “rock ledge on the side of the tank look” that is becoming so popular.  For reefers who need storage for coral frags, but don’t like the look of traditional frag racks, the Reef Rax magnet mounted coral racks are the perfect solution.

Magnetic frag rocks are frag racks designed to look like natural rock to seamlessly blend into your all in one aquariums rock work.

Reef Rax coral racks offer a simple and attractive way to temporarily store coral frags or to increase the available area for aquascaping.  Their strong magnet works on glass up to 0.5” thick, making them a perfect choice for any of the Reef Casa All in One Aquariums.  So what is it that sets Reef Rax apart from other magnet mounted frag racks?  First, Reef Rax frag racks are available in a natural purple colour that will blend into your existing rockwork, unlike traditional frag racks that tend to be quite visible.  Reef Rax frag racks also will not leach any phosphates or other undesirable elements into your aquarium and do not require curing before use.

At Reef Casa we offer two different sizes of Reef Rax coral racks, 1 hole and 2 hole models.  Both of these sizes are well suited to all Reef Casa tank sizes and offer a convenient way to highlight a prized coral or to temporarily store frags while they heal or until a permanent mounting location is chosen.  These racks accomplish all this without distracting from the visual appeal of the reef tank, unlike some other frag storage options.  At Reef Casa we are always looking for products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing and the Reef Rax coral racks check both of those boxes.