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Mini Reef Tanks

Mini Reef Tank

It used to be that if you wanted to set up a reef tank you needed a large, dedicated space for it.  The tanks were huge, the gear was large, noisy and often needed a dedicated electrical circuit because of the amount of power being drawn.  In short, reef tanks were reserved for hobbyists with the space and finances to accommodate a very large setup.  Fast forward to today and the entire hobby has been turned upside down.  Today’s tanks are quieter, more energy efficient and, most noticeably, much smaller than the tanks of yesterday.  Reef Casa has designed a line of mini all in one reef aquariums to make reefing accessible to everyone, not just those with large spaces and big budgets.

These mini aquariums take the hobby out of the basement and allow reefers to set up a little piece of the ocean anywhere they can imagine, such as the kitchen, bedroom or home office.  And let’s face it, a small tank in a commonly used living space is far more likely to get attention and be enjoyed than a massive system hidden away in the basement.  The Reef Casa lineup includes our popular Studio 12 model, the lagoon style Flat 6 and the larger Studio 18 and Studio 24 models.  All Reef Casa aquariums are all in one systems, meaning that everything, from filtration to the return pump to the heater are all contained in the back chamber, making them simple to set up and maintain.   This ease of maintenance is part of what makes our mini reef tanks great for any room in the house, since tasks such as water changes can be accomplished without the need for a sink close by.

Here at Reef Casa, we want to make the world of reef keeping accessible to everyone, and this desire was behind our decision to offer a complete line of mini, reef ready, all in one aquariums to allow everyone, no matter their space limitations and budget, to enjoy the wonderful world of reef keeping.  If you have any questions about the Reef Casa line of all in one aquariums, or would like help deciding which model best suits your reefing needs, please reach out to us.  We are here to help.  Happy Reefing!