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Nano Skimmers

Nano Skimmers

After running a tank for a few months, many reefers will decide to add a protein skimmer to their setup.  Investing in a high quality protein skimmer has a number of advantages for any hobbyist such as the reduction of algae inducing nitrates and oxygenating the water.  At Reef Casa we wanted to give reefers as much choice as possible in terms of what protein skimmer they can use in their all in one aquarium.  This is why we designed our aquariums with an extra large filtration chamber that can accommodate virtually any nano skimmer available on the market today.


Nano skimmers are protein skimmer from salt water aquarium but on the smallest scale. There designed for small and all in one aquariums.

Nano skimmers operate using the same principles as their full sized cousins, just in a much smaller package.  As nano tanks, such as the Reef Casa lineup, have become more popular, more and more manufacturers are now offering nano skimmers and hobbyists have far more choice than they did even a few years ago.  While reefers can use virtually any nano skimmer on a Reef Casa tank, we recommend the Tunze 9001, Tunze 9004 or the Bubble Magus Mini Q skimmers.


The Tunze 9001 and 9004 models offer the same features, with the 9004 model being rated for larger tanks up to 65 gallons, compared to the 9001’s 37 gallons.  Both are held in place using an external magnet and use flash skimming technology to efficiently remove waste from the aquarium while remaining almost silent.  Tunze also designs their equipment to be aesthetically pleasing and blend in with the lines of the tanks.  The other skimmer recommended for use in Reef Casa aquariums is the Bubble Magus Mini Q skimmer.  This skimmer is rated for tanks up to 20 gallons, making it a good choice for all but the largest Reef Casa all in one aquariums.  While less technologically advanced than the Tunze line, the Bubble Magus Mini Q skimmer is available at a much lower price point and will still effectively remove waste from the tank and reduce nitrate levels.

While not necessary in a tank’s early days, the addition of a protein skimmer to a Reef Casa aquarium will help to control nuisance algae and contribute to overall increased coral health.