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Pico Reef Tanks

Pico Reef Tanks

What Are Pico Reef Tanks ?

A Pico reef tank is a saltwater aquarium under 6 gallons of total water volume. These tiny reef tanks really push what is possible today in keeping corals in small volumes of water.

The History Of Pico Reef Tank Tanks

In the early 2000s the idea of nano reefs that is aquariums ranging from 10-40gallons was considered impossible. Today the hobby has changed completely and a 20 gallon reef tank has become the norm. The idea of keeping pico reef tanks was ridiculed. Today pico reef tanks are commonly seen and enjoyed throughout the hobby. These tiny reefs have their obvious limitations and challenges but make amazing project tanks.

The Best Pico Reef Tank

One of the most unique pico reef tanks available anywhere in the world today is the flat 6 pico reef offered by Reef Casa. The shallow lagoon shape is unlike any other pico reef on the market today and gives hobbyists a new unique way of shaping. With these pico reef tanks you can enjoy an amazing top down view that makes you feel like you are actually peering into a little slice of the ocean.
Their pico reef tanks ship internationally and can even be purchased as a complete pico reef tank kit with everything you need to start. If your looking for your first pico reef tank or maybe even a second tank or frag tank look no further than reefcasa.