Aquarium Salt


Reef Casa Pure Salt

The best natural saltwater mix, period.

This aquarium salt contains the perfect balanced levels of calcium, alkalinity and magnesium to keep all corals thriving and growing. Specially designed with the elements we wanted to see in our own salt mix. You won’t find another salt mix like this on the market.

Aquarium Salt Key Features 

  • Moderate Alkalinity of 8dKH
  • Elevated Calcium for coral growth
  • Elevated Magnesium for optical LPS coral health
  • Convenient 3 gallon pouches for easy water changes

Aquarium Salt Specifications:

  • Alkalinity 8.0DKH
  • Calcium 430 ppm
  • Magnesium 1450 ppm


  • 100% natural evaporated salt
  • Non synthetic like many available salt mixes
  • Balanced levels of foundational elements
  • Complete trace elements
  • Nitrate & phosphate free
  • 0 toxic levels of heavy metals
  • 0 chemical binders

What’s Included?

3 Convenient sizes
12 Gallon Aquarium Salt Mix ( 4 x 3 gallon pouch)
24 Gallon Aquarium Salt Mix ( 8 x 3 gallon pouch)
48 Gallon Aquarium Salt Mix  ( 16 x 3 gallon pouch)