Coral Box DCA 2000


DC 2000 Controllable NANO Return Pump

This super tiny return is powerful and includes a controller to perfectly dial the desired amount of water current. It comes with a safety float valve to turn the pump off in the even of flooding. It also comes with a very handy “feed mode” button that will turn the pump off for 10 minutes to feed fish or even spot corals.

Key Features Of This ATO System 

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Silent operation
  • One touch feed mode
  • 10% incremental speed setting
  • Safety float sensor included

Built In Safety Features 

  • Pump will power off if it runs dry
  • Pump will power off if rotor is jammed
  • Wear-resistant ceramic shaft


  • DCA2000
  • Max Flow: 525 GPH
  • Head presume: 2.2 Meters
  • Size: 100x65x95 cm
  • Power: 20W