Drip Acclimation Kit


Drip Acclimation Kit

The Reef Casa drip acclimation kit is designed to properly and slowly acclimatize new animals to both fresh and saltwater aquariums. Proper acclimation can make a world of difference for animals during an already very stressful process.


  • One drip acclimation tool kit
  • Custom aquarium hang on clip
  • Self-priming siphon bulb
  • Thumb wheel for precise drip control


  • Release new animals to acclimatize into a clean bucket
  • Use the included aquarium clip to hang on the shorter tube into your aquarium
  • Place the other end into the bucket
  • Gently squeeze the siphon bulb to create a siphon
  • Slowly roll open the blue wheel clamp to your desired drip rate
  • Aim to double the volume of water every 30 minutes or for fish increase salinity by .1 s.g. every 30 minutes

After each use rinse thoroughly rinse the acclimation tool kit with fresh water. Store the acclimation tool kit  in a dry a place away from salt.