Stax Flat Rock


Stax flat rock are easy to scape, small flat piece of rock that make the perfect rock for aqua scaping and setting up your all in one aquarium. They come in random sizes ranging from .5 to 1.5 lbs.

Each box contains ~10lbs of stax flat rock

Use this rock to scape your all in one aquarium, give a place for fish to live and a spot to mount corals.

Benefits of stax rock

Ecofriendly: Not taken from live ecosystems like traditional live rock

Pest Free: 100% pest and hitch hiker free

Cost: A third of the cost of traditional live rock

Clean: Will not released any ammonia, phosphate into your water

Aesthetics: Looks exactly like live rock and will turn purple with coralline in no time

All in one aquariums need live rock as an integral part of the live filter