Reef Casa Studio 12 Vs Biocube

Reef Casa Studio 12 Vs Biocube

At Reef Casa our tanks are designed by reefers, for reefers and we are confident that we offer the best products on the market and the most competitive pricing.  Today we will be comparing the Reef Casa Studio 12 All in One Aquarium Kit with the Coralife Biocube 16 and, after reading, we hope that you will agree with us that Reef Casa simply makes the best nano reef tanks available in the hobby today.



Reef Casa Studio 12 Kit with Halo Light:       $549

Coralife BioCube 16:                                      $499

What’s Included



Reef Casa Studio 12 Saltwater Aquarium Kit


12 Gallon Reef Casa Studio 12 Tank

Return pump with plumbing

Reef Casa Halo LED Light


Digital Thermometer

Dry Rock

Pre-measured sand

1 month supply of filter floss

Pre measured cycling bateria


Reef Salt

Activated Carbon

Bacteria Blocks


Coralife Biocube 16


16 Gallon Tank

Return pump with plumbing

Integrated LED Light


At Reef Casa we want to make reefing as easy as possible so the Reef Casa Studio 12 Aquarium Kit comes with literally everything you need to start your reef tank, all in one convenient box.  Since everything is pre measured, setting up your new Reef Casa aquarium is simple and easy, no measuring or guesswork necessary!

Construction and Warranty


All of our Reef Casa aquariums are made with ultra clear glass and come with a 36 month warranty.  In comparison, the Biocube 16 is made of acrylic, which is easily scratched, and only offers 12 months of warranty coverage.  We stand behind every tank that we sell and offer the absolute best warranty in the business.  While we agree that aesthetics are subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we designed all of our Reef Casa tanks with sleek, modern lines that compliment any decor.  Their rimless design, hidden filtration compartments and crystal clear glass look great in any room.  The Biocube 16 is a classic tank, but placed side by side with the Reef Casa Studio 12, it looks dated.




One of the most important components of any reef tank is lighting.  All of our Reef Casa aquariums are designed to accommodate a wide variety of lighting options from a range of manufacturers.  For the purposes of comparison we will discuss our most popular option, the Reef Casa Halo light.

Reef Casa Halo Light


PAR 12” Below Water Surface:  100

Number of Channels:  3 channel full spectrum

Fully Adjustable and Programmable: Yes

Sunrise and Sunset Functions: Yes


Integrated LED Lights


PAR 12” Below Water Surface: 61

Number of Channels:  2

Fully Adjustable and Programmable: No

Sunrise and Sunset Functions: Yes

The Reef Casa Halo light offers the perfect spread for Reef Casa aquariums and can provide enough spread (coverage) and PAR (intensity) to grow an almost endless variety of corals.  The light has three colour channels; Royal Blue, Purple/Blue and White that can be individually adjusted.  In addition, 3 different time points can be set, allowing for a sunrise/ramp up, midday maximum output and a ramp down/sunset.  The included manual makes programming a breeze and you will be up and running in under 10 minutes.  For reefers who want more control of their lighting we offer a Studio 12 Aquarium Kit with an AI Prime 16HD light as well.

Plumbing and Filtration


Both the Reef Casa Studio 12 and the Coralife Biocube 16 come with an appropriately sized return pump, return nozzle and plumbing.  However, only Reef Casa includes pre-cut filter floss, bacteria blocks and activated carbon right out of the box. In addition, we have designed our aquariums with extra large rear filtration chambers that are easy to clean and designed to accommodate virtually any nano skimmer available on market.  The Biocube, on the other hand, will only accommodate Coralife branded skimmers without significant modifications.  Reef Casa also offers a wide variety of filtration accessories such as the Housekeeper filtration media organizer and a simple to install random flow generator.

When you buy a Reef Casa All in One Aquarium not only are you getting the absolute best product available you are also becoming part of the Reef Casa family.  This means that we will be here for you throughout your reefing journey to answer questions and offer support.  So why not click here and start your saltwater aquarium adventure today.