Reef Casa 12 Gallon Nano Reef Tank:  This all in one aquarium has a convenient built in filtration and a unique low profile design you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Inches: Width  16” x Length 15” x Height 7”
  • Millimeters: 405mm  x 380m  x 178mm
  • Volume: 6 Gallons / 23 Liters
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm

Every Reef Casa frag tank includes

Filter Media
Built in filter & filtration media come standard
Frag Racks
A pair of precision made frag racks
Quiet, reliable and easy to clean return pump
Return lines and plumbing included
Self Leveling
Aquarium leveling mat for the perfect base

Click here for the manual for this all in one aquarium

Let’s configure your dream saltwater aquarium 

More info

Studio 12 Aquarium

Total system water volume

12 Gallons / 45 Liters

Display tank water volume

9.8 Gallons / 34.5 liters

Rear filter volume

Gallons: 2.2 Gallons / 8.5 Liters

Rear filter width

Inches: 3” /  76mm

System Dimensions

L x W x H   16” x 15” x 11” / 405 x 380 x 280 mm

Display tank height with light

Including Halo with gooseneck
17” Inches

Glass Ultra-clear front glass

5 mm Thick
Non tempered all around
Drillable: Yes

Water circulation

Return pump included
Plumbing included
Return nozzle included
Number of outlets: 1

Return Pump Chamber  Dimensions 

Inches: 3.9’’  x 3.14’’


L x W x H

Inches 16” x 15” x 36” /  405 x 380 x 914 mm


High gloss finish
Saltwater resistant
Splash resistant
Epoxy painted doors
Plywood construction

We got you covered

We stand behind every product we make and our aquariums come back with an industry leading 36 month hassle free guarantee on silicone and workmanship.

Built In Convenience

Because the filtration is built in there is virtually 0 chance of water leaking.

There is no external plumbing required

All the necessary fittings and nozzles come included with the saltwater kit

Filter Media

This kit comes with all the filter media you need to get the tank running and water sparkling

You don’t need any other filter media than what is included but you will have to replace the floss twice a week or as needed

The carbon gets changes every 3-4 weeks or as needed.

The biological blocks are good for about 6 months on average.

The Heart Of The System

The return pumps push water through the aquarium and filter. This is a vital piece of equipment as it keeps the filter running and water moving

Each saltwater aquarium kit comes with an appropriate sizes quiet return pump. They include the needed hose and fittings so you don’t have to make

any trips to the plumbing store. The pumps comes with 120v North American plugs, but international customers can request different voltages and plugs and we will do our best to accommodate.

The Italians Do It Best

Sicce (pronounced SEE CHE) is an Italian company that has been makes aquarium pumps for more than 30 years! Upgrade your return pump to enjoy an 5  year warranty and the quietest return pumps on the market.  Our saltwater tanks were specifically designed to accommodate different return pumps so the last chamber where you place them is oversized.

Do I Need A Powerhead ?

These tanks have designed in a way that return pump will provide enough flow throughout the tank. We try to eliminate wires whenever we can. Depending on your rock work and the types of corals you want to keep you may decide one is needed.

Each saltwater aquarium kit comes with a led light. With this 12 gallon you have three lighting choices.

Reef Casa Beam

The beam is a great compact LED solution for beginners. It’s fang less heatsink design means it absolutely silent. This light is suitable for all fish, anemones, all soft corals and most lps corals. It is controlled via a on and off switch and will need an external timer to run 8-9 hours per day.

Reef Casa Halo 

This highly popular light can support all coral types. It has a built in timer with sunrise and sunset effects. It has 3 different color channels to dial in the colors of the light to suit your preference. If you prefer a more blue look or more white look it can easily be achieved. The light is controlled via touch buttons on top and it will save your settings. The mount is included and the wire is hidden with the mount.

Aqua Illumination Prime

This AI Prime is an American made high quality led light that puts out tremendous power for its compact size. Is is controlled wireless via an app. It has 7 independent color channels and built in dimmers and timers. It doesn’t get any better than this. This light comes with a 12″ flexible black gooseneck.
If you prefer to buy this kit without any of these lighting options please email us so we can accommodate your requests.

Biological Filtration

Each new saltwater aquarium has to go through what is known as a cycle. In a saltwater tank, the live bacteria living on the rock is the basis of the filtration. This is why we call it live rock. You can not keep a saltwater aquarium without live rock.
When you first start however the rock is not yet live, it is dry. This is why we include the ammonia chloride and life bacteria. These two bottles when used together will bring your rock to life. The bottle of life bacteria contains the live bacteria you need, and the ammonia is the food source for these bacteria so they can quickly multiply all over the rock. We have premeasured these bottles for you so all you have to do it pour them in once your tank is mixed to the correct salinity. Pretty cool hug ?
The cycling process usually takes 3-4 weeks to complete

Bacteria blocks

The included bacteria blocks are used as an additional surface area for these bacteria. Each box or reef casa bacteria hotel blocks has the equivalent surface area of 20lbs of live rock. They simply go in the rear filtration chamber and will be colonized just like the rock with time


The rock is the basis of the saltwater aquariums filtration. It also gives us a chance to scape beautiful structures to place corals and for fish to sleep. Each tank comes with the rock premeasured for each model. This is the part where you get artistic. There are no real rules when it comes to aquascaping. Have fun with it !


Each saltwater aquarium kit comes with sand. The sand is natural and harvested from Florida. We tried different sands from all over the world and decided in this one for its texture, granular size and color. It’s not too fine that it will blow around the tank and not to heavy that it appears to be gravel.
Each aquarium comes with the sand already pre measured so all you have to do is pour it in.


Each saltwater aquarium kit comes with a glass heater made in Europe covered by a 2 year warranty. Simply set to 77 degrees F. We place the heater in the 2nd chamber so it’s out of sight but still does its job

Digital Thermometer

A Thermometer is included with this saltwater kit. Simply turn and attach with the included suction cup


It goes without saying salinity is a pretty important aspect of a saltwater tank. Each kit comes a bag of salt included. The first time you set up the tank you can mix it inside the aquarium as there is nothing living yet. Afterwards we never mix salt directly in the tank as it will harm the animals


The included hobby grade hydrometer is a simple floating device used to determine the correct salinity of 1.025
There is an optional upgrade to the high accuracy , professional grade reef casa refractometer. With proper care and cleaning these devices can last up to 10 years !