Reef Casa 10 Gallon All in One Shallow Aquarium:  This all in one aquarium has a convenient built in filtration and a unique low profile design you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Inches: Width  16” x Length 15” x Height 11”
  • Millimeters: 405mm  x 380m  x 280mm
  • Volume: 12 Gallons / 45 Liters
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm

What's Included

Every Reef Casa aquarium comes with the following

Everything you need to start included
Laser Cut
Precision made filter tray
Easy Clean
1 Month supply of filter floss
Return lines and plumbing included
Self Leveling
To create the perfect base
Quiet, reliable and easy to clean return pump included
Built In Filtration
Built in filter & filtration media come standard
High purity carbon bag

Click here for the manual for this all in one aquarium

More info

Studio 12 Aquarium

Total system water volume

12 Gallons / 45 Liters

Display tank water volume

9.8 Gallons / 34.5 liters

Rear filter volume

Gallons: 2.2 Gallons / 8.5 Liters

Rear filter width

Inches: 3” /  76mm

System Dimensions

L x W x H   16” x 15” x 11” / 405 x 380 x 280 mm

Display tank height with light

Including Halo with gooseneck
17” Inches

Glass Ultra-clear front glass

5 mm Thick
Non tempered all around
Drillable: Yes

Water circulation

Return pump included
Plumbing included
Return nozzle included
Number of outlets: 1

Return Pump Chamber  Dimensions 

Inches: 3.9’’  x 3.14’’


L x W x H

Inches 16” x 15” x 36” /  405 x 380 x 914 mm


High gloss finish
Saltwater resistant
Splash resistant
Epoxy painted doors
Plywood construction

We got you covered

We stand behind every product we make and our aquariums come back with an industry leading 36 month hassle free guarantee on silicone and workmanship.