All in one aquariums

The Best All In One Saltwater Aquarium

The Best All In One Saltwater Aquarium

Starting a salt water reef tank can be one of the most exciting hobbies you will ever partake in. You are trying to create the coolest, most diverse and fascinating ecosystem. You can enjoy all the wonders and magic of ocean life in your own living room.

You want to make sure when you are starting out that you are getting the best possible all in on aquarium to begin your salt water adventure. And with so many different options of the market it can be confusing and daunting picking a tank.

All of our tanks here at Reef Casa were designed by hobbyists !  We took all the features of the aquariums currently on the market, killed all the unnecessary bullshit and built the all in one aquarium of our dreams.

(1) Price: Starting a salt water tank doesn’t have to break the bank

Starting a salt water tank can be expensive, and budgeting is not a bad idea. With that in mind we offer the single most affordable all in one aquarium on the market today. The studio 12 starts at only $159USD. Gallon for gallon there is not a less expensive nano reef tank ! But this does not mean the tank is cheap in construction; rather for from it. Because of our low over head costs, and buying direct from massive glass suppliers we are able to offer the most competitive price on the market today.


(2) Style: There is no other comparison

We were bored of the shapes offered on the market and that’s what inspired our shallow , minimalist designed aquarium.  The fluval evo 13.5 also make an attractive option for all in one aquariums. But the top is odd looking, appear retro and quiet bulky. The top 1” along the side has this strange perforated vinyl sticker that serves no purpose (other than to annoy you ) and it comes on an awkward recessed 1” flimsy plastic base. In our previous business we sold MANY evo’s and there isn’t anything inherently wrong with them, its just time for something new. The studio 12 is modern, sleek and low with no extras that take away from the beauty of the tank.

There is no other tank on the market with this footprint, you can find no comparison ! We are tired of cubes.

(3) Thoughtful Filtration

We designed the filtration of the studio 12 from the ground up, down to every single millimeter. It has a generous back filter that allow you use to use any internal proteins skimmer on the market of your choice! With other brands of all in one aquariums only some type of skimmer will fit. With ours you don’t even have to measure, we took every single commonly available skimmer and made sure they would fit without any modification. The return pump section was purposely designed so that you can upgrade the return pump if you please. If you decide not use a skimmer , we had done away with useless baffles giving you a huge refugium area to grow macro algae that will actually have an impact on water quality.

(4) Basics Or Bundled

Innovative marine make some beautiful all in one aquariums but they come bundled often with lots of pieces you may not want or need. What if you don’t want a lid ? Which is very functional but personally from an aesthetics point of view I don’t like them. How about a DC return pump ? Are you really going to need to adjust your flow in a 10 gallon tank ( pst trick question the answer is no ) At over $100USD more than the studio 12 its simply not worth it. That money is better spent on getting an awesome light.

(5) The perfect size

Not too big , not too small. We designed the studio 12 to be the perfect sized all in one aquarium for any new hobbyists looking to enter the salt water world. A 3 gallon water change bi weekly provides just about everything your fish and coral would need to thrive. The 16’x15′ footprint also means you get can get away with using one light fixture keeping the tank elegant and clean. Its great for kitchens ,offices, desks, bed sides or anywhere else you can think of!