All in one aquariums

What Is an All In One Aquarium?

What Is an All In One Aquarium?

An All In One Aquarium (AIO) is a reef aquarium where all of the filtration, hardware and media are contained in a rear chamber.  This is in contrast with systems with either a sump, where the hardware etc. is housed in a sump in a cabinet below the main display tank or models with hang on the back filtration.


How Do All In One Aquariums Work?

All AIO aquariums, including all of the models available from Reef Casa, work on the same basic principles.  Water enters the rear chambers through a grate into the first chamber where mechanical and chemical filtration is used to remove particles and waste products from the water.  It then flows into the second chamber, which may contain a refugium, protein skimmer or additional biological media, before entering the third chamber, which contains the return pump and is then pumped back into the display tank.


What Are Some Advantages of All In One Aquariums?

There are a number of advantages of AIO aquariums, such as simplicity, ease of maintenance and the ability to set one up almost anywhere.  One of the main advantages of an AIO system is how easy they are to set up.  Generally, all that is required, other than the usual aquascaping, is placing filtration in the first chamber, a heater in the second chamber and the return pump in the third chamber and filling the tank with water.  There is no need to worry about balancing water levels, checking valves etc as is the case with systems utilizing a sump.  At Reef Casa, we strive to make this even easier by offering Complete Saltwater Kits that contain literally everything you need to set up an AIO aquarium.  Not only are AIO systems easier to set up, they are significantly easier to clean and maintain.  Because all of the equipment is contained in the rear chamber it is much easier to complete routine maintenance, as well as removing gear for periodic cleaning.  The last main advantage of All In One Aquariums is that they can be placed almost anywhere.  All that is required is a level surface that is capable of supporting the tank when filled with water.  As an added bonus they are far less likely to leak than other types of tanks because all of the water is contained in a single unit.


Are There Any Drawbacks to All In One Aquariums

While there are clear advantages to AIO systems they are somewhat limited in size.  While it is, in theory, possible to have large AIO tanks, in reality they are generally limited to 75 gallons maximum, with most being 50 gallons or less.  However, for reefers looking for a 50 gallon or smaller tank, especially a nano reef aquarium, an AIO aquarium makes a great choice.