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Media Basket

Media Basket

Media baskets are tools used as a way of organizing the filter media in your all in one aquarium.

For reefers who are looking to take the filtration of their Studio 12 nano aquarium to the next level, the Reef Casa House Keeper is a media basketmakes a simple, yet highly effective upgrade.  This media organizer fits in the first filtration chamber and allows hobbyists to effectively use three different types of filtration media.  Simply load the House Keeper with your media of choice, remove the filter floss plate and drop it in.  The top tray is used to hold the filter floss and the lower two can be used with a wide variety of filtration media.  We recommended using Reef Casa Carbon in the second tray and Reef Casa Bacteria Hotel Blocks in the third, but the possibilities are endless.  Regardless of what media you choose to use, you will notice improved filtration and water clarity when using the House Keeper.

The Reef Casa Housekeeper utilizes a unique baffle design that maximizes waterflow through each chamber, ensuring maximally efficient filtration.  A removable door makes adding your media of choice a breeze.  The upper and middle shelves can also be removed for added flexibility and customization and easy cleaning.  The House Keeper is made from high quality acrylic and is designed to fit perfectly into the Reef Casa Studio 12 all in one aquarium.  It is also designed to be easy to clean, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your tank and less time cleaning!

While all Reef Casa aquariums are designed to provide excellent filtration right out of the box, the House Keeper will help to maximize the efficiency of the tank’s filtration, allows for the use of a wider variety of media and is easy to clean and maintain.  All of this will lead to improved water quality and increased coral and fish health, which is what every reefer is aiming for!