All in one aquariums

Fresh Water Aquariums

Fresh Water Aquariums

One of the great things about a Reef Casa all in one aquarium is that they can be used for both salt and freshwater setups.  While saltwater and freshwater tanks have different requirements in terms of gear and maintenance, the basic setup remains the same and any Reef Casa aquarium will excel at both due to its carefully designed versatility.

Both salt and freshwater aquariums require the same basic equipment, a return pump, heater and light.  All Reef Casa tanks come with an appropriately sized return pump and we offer a wide range of aquarium heaters for tanks of all sizes.  While a fresh water tank will require some kind of lighting they are usually necessary for visual appeal only.  An exception to this are planted tanks, which require an appropriate light for photosynthesis.  While the Reef Casa Halo light will certainly light a freshwater tank effectively, a more cost effective option is the Reef Casa Beam light.  A freshwater system will not require a powerhead and a protein skimmer will not work in a freshwater aquarium so there is less equipment to purchase.

Setting up a Reef Casa aquarium as a freshwater tank is similar but more simple than a salt water setup.  While freshwater tanks still require a substrate, live sand is not necessary, or recommended.  Freshwater hobbyists have a wide variety of different types of gravel available in a multitude of sizes and colours to suit a variety of needs.  Similarly, most hobbyists will want some sort of decorations or rockwork in a freshwater tank, but these can be anything from colourful castles, to driftwood to rocks.  Regardless of the decorations and substrate chosen, it is still important to cycle a freshwater tank in the same manner as a saltwater aquarium.

At Reef Casa we design our tanks to offer maximum flexibility so hobbyists looking to set up a beautiful freshwater system should give serious consideration to the Reef Casa line of all in one aquariums.