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Nano Reef Tank Kit

As reefing has taken off in popularity in recent years so has the availability of complete reef aquarium kits.  When you think about it it makes total sense.  When someone wants a car they don’t buy the wheels, engine and body separately and assemble it themselves, they just go and buy the complete car.  This same idea can be applied to reefing.  Why go to all the work of researching and sourcing all the components of a reef tank when there are kits available that contain all the required parts to get a new tank up and running quickly and easily.  At Reef Casa, we want to make reefing as easy and accessible as possible, which is why we offer a wide selection of nano reef tank kits for hobbyists of all experience levels.


So why do we suggest buying a Reef Casa Nano Reef Tank Kit?  The first key reason is that all the equipment in a Reef Casa reef kit is properly sized and designed to work seamlessly right out of the box.  We take all the guesswork out of setting up a reef tank, since our tank kits come with an appropriately sized return pump and all the required plumbing, and are available with  a variety of lighting choices.  Not only that, but we also include the correct amount of sand, rock and salt mix.  We even supply the additives necessary to cycle the tank and a month’s supply of filter floss.  Simply put, your Reef Casa reef tank kit contains everything that you need to start your reef tank.  No more running out to “buy one more thing”.


Not only are reef tank kits simpler than buying all the pieces separately, they are usually less expensive.  By ensuring that everything is appropriately sized and including the right amount of salt, sand and rock there is less waste, and, therefore, less cost.  Also, because everything ships in one convenient box there is a significant time savings as well.  This means less time spent gathering pieces and more time spent enjoying your new aquarium.


While it is possible to set up a great reef tank from scratch, a Reef Casa Nano Reef Tank kit makes the process simpler, less expensive and more fun!